Our last day in Washington started in Forks. We had made our way from the gloomy town to the top of Olympic National Park, back down to a drive-through farm and soon enough we were making our way to Seattle. Seattle is our last stop of the trip and after spending a whole week in Washington, we calculated we had driven more than 20 hours in just 6 days!

Eventually we made it to the city at the very last light of the day - which in the middle of summer was a wonderful 10pm. We checked in to a cute cabin we rented from Airbnb right near the heart of the city in a suburb full of flowers. I remember seeing the city for the first time lit up by the setting sun, a marvel of beautiful purple, orange and warm colours reflecting over all the buildings - it was amazing. 

We had just one day to see Seattle and waking up on our last morning, we headed off to the main destination we wanted to see: Public Market. It was here that we saw hundreds of flower vendors, ate delicious food and taste tested some amazing ice cream flavours. It was coming to the end of a very long and very exhausting trip, so halfway through the extremely hot day, my sister started feeling unwell. We decided to go on the Seattle Eye (the ferris wheel) to see some sights of the city and Mt Rainier in the distance and then head home. 

My sister napped with the fan on high trying to cool down in the room on this heat wave day. I ended up taking the time to talk to Dan on the phone, go through our photo and vlog footage and start packing. 

The next morning we woke up super early and dragged all our suitcases to the car. We were driving towards the airport and stopped at a pancake breakfast house for an amazing and much needed breakfast after a night of organic popcorn for dinner. Before we knew it, we were at the airport boarding our flight back to Los Angeles. From Los Angeles we dreadedly got on our 15 hour flight back to Sydney, Australia.

I had the most amazing time on this trip with my sister and I'm already dreaming of the day we decide to do it all over again with a new destination. We managed to do SO many things, from terrifying rollercoasters in Los Angeles, to massive roadtrips and beautiful hikes. We vlogged our entire trip which you can now see on my YouTube channel, so we have the memories of all the little things that happened in between forever. For now, we will continue going on mini adventures around home like we always have until we plan our next big adventure.

all photos edited with my NEW Washington Lightroom Preset