As quickly as I was home from my last trip to San Francisco, I was already boarding another flight back to the States this time with my sister Georgina. We were headed to California for the summer after weeks of planning our trip together and I couldn’t have been more excited. My sister and I are extremely close, we can spend hours talking and we laugh at absolutely everything. She is my favourite person in the world.

When we landed in Los Angeles and went outside, the heat brought back all the memories of the last time I was in the States in the summer. The jet lag this time though, was one of the worst I’ve ever experienced. We picked up our hire car and spent our day trying to keep ourselves awake with a little bit of shopping, eating and checking into our first accommodation in Anaheim. By the afternoon we couldn’t keep our eyes open any longer - we were deliriously laughing in our hotel room at who knows what, trying to stay awake in vein. A story that we always bring up now through tears of laughter is how we ended up falling asleep in the late afternoon, only for me to wake up a few hours later thinking I had slept through our entire second day in LA, missing out on our trip to Disneyland and hallucinating that the streetlight just outside our window was the sunrise. After a few minutes of confusion I couldn’t have been happier that I still had hours to sleep and adjust!

On our first full day in LA, we woke up to a still dark 5am to get ready for our day in Disneyland. We had an ambitious plan for the week to visit 5 theme parks in 5 days and we documented our entire experience in the form of daily vlogs which I have included throughout this blog post! So if you would like to see more of an insight on our days spent on rollercoasters and exploring parks please check them out! 

After our second day in Disney California Adventure Park, we checked out of our accommodation in Anaheim and moved back into the city of L.A. where we checked into the cutest cabin house! We were so happy we had this home booked for the rest of our week in the city because it was beautiful and absolutely perfect. We continued our theme park adventure with Universal Studios, Six Flags and ending the crazy week at Knott’s Berry Farm. On the last day of the week we had a full free day so we spent it driving around Beverly Hills, doing a little more shopping, visiting Venice Beach where I finally saw it in the sunshine (as opposed to last year where it was cloudy and gloomy!) and visiting the Griffith Observatory where we took about a hundred photos in the iconic smoggy LA sunset. 

That night we woke up super early to catch our next flight where our adventures continue.

all photos edited with my LA Lightroom Preset!