We were awake before sunrise, slowly carrying our things from our cabin to our car in the still, icy cold air of the morning. It was a bittersweet goodbye. I know I will be back here, but not soon enough.

The sun started trickling over the mountain, shining on the frost-covered ground as we hopped in the car and made our way from Yosemite National Park back to San Francisco. The light was warm through the car window until we drove upwards into fog. At first we would drive in and out of it - patches of white and then back into the sunshine. Until we were completely surrounded and could see nothing but white over the hills on either side of the road. It was magical. 

It was the start of Spring while we were in California and what was rows and rows of luscious green apple trees the last time we were here in the summer, were now endless fields of cherry blossoms - pink and white. The rows of trees were endless and we just couldn't help ourselves but get out of the car and run through them with our cameras. Eventually we were back in the bustling city of San Francisco where we had a little list of things to do before heading back to the airport. We caught a flight that evening back to Hawaii and the next morning, we were on our way back home to Sydney. I remember flying out of San Francisco gazing out the window watching a city I loved so much get smaller and smaller in the distance. I will be back soon. I know it.

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all photos edited with my San Francisco Lightroom Preset!