new photoshoot workflow checklist


new photoshoot workflow checklist

As promised in my latest video about Tips on Starting a Photography Business (which you can watch below if you haven’t already!), here is my New Photoshoot Workflow Checklist. I use an app called Things, but there are also plenty of free ones on the app store if you want to try them out and find one that suites your needs. This checklist is a template and I create a duplicate copy every single time I have an idea for a new photoshoot.

Sometimes planning a new photoshoot can feel overwhelming with so many things to organise, put together and keep track of. So I find having a simple list like this where I ask myself questions helps me finish planning a photoshoot and making it happen in the most productive way.

Feel free to copy this checklist and use it for yourself! You can change as much as you want around to suite your style of photography and also depending if you do more client shoots compared to shoots for yourself, etc. Please let me know in the comments if you’d like me to share more checklists as I have quite a few workflow sheets similar to this one but for different reasons, such as my process for wedding clients, my process for keeping my office tidy and in working order, my process for creating new YouTube videos and so much more!

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Ideas - For a personal photoshoot planned for fun

  • What is the main idea for the photoshoot and final photos

  • What outfits will be used? Style?

  • Where will you find the outfits

  • What location will you shoot in?

Ideas - Photoshoots for clients

  • Find out what style of shoot the client wants - engagement, portrait, e-commerce, campaign? etc

  • Find out what location style the client is after - forest, beach, studio? etc

  • Location scout, send photos of location to client to confirm

  • Ask routine list of questions to client - how many outfits will we be photographing, where will the photos be used? etc

  • Confirm final quote + send invoice with deposit details to lock in date


  • Organise a model

  • Organise a makeup artist

  • Put together the outfits

  • Find the location + address and any parking/getting there details

  • Organise a date to shoot

  • Send Call Sheet to entire team with all information

  • Check weather a couple of days before shoot

Photoshoot Day

  • What kind of weather is it, will this change the idea/theme of the shoot? How can you adapt?

  • What lenses do you want to use today?

  • What is a new technique or idea you want to try today?

  • What do you need to focus on to make this shoot better than the last? (composition, lighting, interacting with model/subject, etc)


  • Download memory cards

  • Backup downloaded folder to 2 places

  • Select/cull photos

  • Colour grade photos

  • Retouch photos

  • Send final invoice if needed

  • Upload final photos to Dropbox + share with team

  • Create blog post of photos + update website

  • Update backups with final retouched photos

If you’re after clean looking edits for your photos similar to the images I edited in this blog post, please check out my Aspen Lightroom Preset!



siren song | tips for portrait photography in overcast weather

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siren song | tips for portrait photography in overcast weather

model jorja @jorjawilliams

I’m so excited to be back for a fresh year of new photoshoots and videos! This was my first photoshoot of the year at a beautiful beach in Sydney where it rained pretty much the entire time we were taking photos. Georgia the model was such a trooper though and laid down fully clothed in the wet sand where I took some of my favourite portraits ever (the shot above). We also filmed a behind the scenes video which you can watch below and I’ve included tips on how you can take amazing photos on an overcast day.

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All photos edited with my San Francisco Lightroom Preset.

I decided to use this preset to bring out the moody and cool tones from the day, but also add some warmth to the skin tones so Jorja would stand out in the photos against the muted background.

This blog was put together with Narrative. I love using Narrative as part of my photoshoot culling process to see which images from a shoot I should edit and I also use it to easily & quickly be able to put together these blog posts with different layouts of images side by side. I’m really excited to say I’ve teamed up with Narrative and have a 15% discount code for you guys using the code julia15 or just clicking this link! You can download a free trial to test it out for 7 days too :)


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My 2018 in 100 pictures, plus a video I put together looking back on our amazing year on YouTube and thanking you all for your wonderful support! Please subscribe to my channel, I’m so excited for all the videos we’re going to create in 2019!

And here are a few of my favourite videos we created this year:

Thank you again for the most amazing year!! x