It was our second last day in Yosemite National Park when Dan and I spent the night in our trembling wooden cabin, shaking from the storm happening outside. The lights and internet would switch off momentarily before turning back on more times than I could count and the wind was howling loudly outside. Frustrated that we couldn't get in contact with our families to let them know how we were, we fell asleep only to wake up to a perfectly calm and sunny morning the next day. Walking outside to the balcony of our cabin was strange. The night was so noisy and yet this morning all was quiet and still - such a stark contrast to when I fell asleep. When I first noticed the light snow in the surrounding trees, we immediately got ready and headed out.

I think it was Yosemite's perfect way of saying goodbye. On our last day I finally got to see what I've wanted to see my whole life; the world drenched in winter. The further we drove up the same road we had driven the entire week, the thicker and thicker the snow on the ground and hanging on the tree branches was. I couldn't believe my eyes.

We stopped on the side of the road so many times to take photos of the snow covered trees and the pathways leading to nowhere. The Yosemite National Park entrance sign that was bare when we first arrived at the beginning of the week had piles of snow on and around it. We visited all our favourite spots one last time. Tunnel View, Lower Yosemite Falls, Valley View and places which I don't even think have a name.

It wasn't long after that where we headed off to spend one day in San Francisco before catching our flight that same night back home to Sydney.

all photos edited with my NEW Yosemite Lightroom Preset