We are so close.

It's one of our favourite places in the world.

Why don't we just go?


Dan and I had spent the morning watching the waves crash on the black sand beach on the Big Island in Hawaii. We were waiting at our gate to board our flight to Honolulu when we started talking about Yosemite National Park. We spent the rest of the time we had waiting at the airport and on our flight doing some research and trying to plan out our trip if we were to make it happen. With a smiles we couldn't wipe off our faces, my hands shaking and crazy eyes of "should we" we cancelled our flight back home.




Instead of catching an 8am flight the next morning to Sydney, we were boarding a 10pm flight that same night to San Francisco instead. I couldn't believe we were doing it and I couldn't believe how easy it was. One second I was ready to go home and the next I was just travelling further away. After a quick five hours on a plane, that made me feel sick from the turbulence - I squeezed Dan's hand so tightly almost the whole way there - we landed just before sunrise. We picked up our hire car and drove into the San Francisco sunrise, headed for snowy Yosemite National Park with a suitcase packed full of summer clothes. Our first day in San Fransisco was spent driving around the suburbs of Stanford shopping for winter clothes and boots.When we were ready for the snow, Dan drove towards Yosemite while I was on the phone calling a few different places to try and book our accommodation! Worst case scenario, we decided we could always sleep in the car. Luckily the third place I called picked up my call at 6pm and said they had a room available. The next morning we woke up at sunrise again out of excitement and set off on our drive to the park. This is our first couple of days spent exploring this magical place again.

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all photos edited with my NEW Yosemite Lightroom Preset