My sister and I’s trip was too quickly coming to an end when we woke up in Forks one morning ready to make the long drive back to Seattle. Before we made our way back to the city, we had a few stops along the road trip back first!

We made it to Olympic National Park and queued up in the long line of cars waiting to drive to the top. Once we made it to the ticket booth, the road ahead was miraculously empty and we started making our way up. At first the road was gloomy - we were driving through thick fog which looked beautiful surrounding the trees at all the viewpoints we jumped out at.

Suddenly as we were driving, we break through the thickest part of the fog and find ourselves on the other side of the clouds where it was a beautifully sunny and warm day. We made it to Hurricane Ridge Visitor Centre where there were yellow wildflowers growing in the fields and a pair of deer grazing in the grass - mamma and baby.

We spent a couple of hours here looking out to the landscape of snowcapped mountains and doing a little souvenir shopping at our last National Park stop of the trip. Soon it was time to make our way back down through the clouds and into town.

Our next stop was the Olympic Game Farm where you can drive around and the gorgeous animals poke their heads into your car window asking for food. Here are the famous bears who wave back at you when you wave your hand! I think the day was too hot for them, so they were all lazily lounging around instead.

After being in the car for so many hours, my sister and I made one last stop for dinner on the highway before heading into Seattle where I will have one last blog post from our entire trip coming next week!

all photos edited with my NEW Washington Lightroom Preset