How do I describe the feeling where you’ve wanted to experience or see something for years and you finally get the chance to do it?

Well, this was me when we arrived at La Push for the first time. But first, I need to start at the beginning. 

Our day starts in Mt Rainier National Park. My sister and I wake up in our wooden cabin to the sound of rain trickling in the forest surrounding us. By the time we were on the road, it was pouring and we couldn’t believe our luck that during our week in notoriously rainy Washington it only rained once during our transit day and not on any day that we headed off to explore a National Park. 

On our 5 hour drive, we zoomed down highways lined with beautiful pine trees, stopped off at cute country towns, visited the tallest Spruce tree in the world, took photos by placid blue lakes surrounded by fog and made it to our accommodation in Forks where we had to run from the car in the pouring rain to get out all of our things.

I was prepared to visit La Push in the rain - it doesn’t phase me too much - but the one thing I really wanted to see was a sunset over the water behind the mini mountains in the ocean. That afternoon we headed off to the beach (where my sister felt very weird testing out what it felt like driving on the opposite side of the road for the first time!) and with our luck during the rest of our trip in Washington, the clouds parted just as we arrived.

We spent the rest of our day walking up and down the beach, taking photos with the mountains in the background, exploring the giant driftwood washed up on the shore and we even managed to spot a seal swimming and having fun in the waves.

The day comes to an end and we get to experience that magical, red, glowing sunset I’ve always wanted to see in La Push. We took hundreds of photos and made our way back to Forks.

The adventure continues. 

all photos edited with my NEW Washington Lightroom Preset