From Chiang Mai, we took a flight to Bangkok and then a flight down to Krabi. Dan and I have been working extremely hard this first half of the year, we had a lot of weddings to capture, lots of YouTube videos to make and just lots of editing, meetings, working in general which has been pretty stressful! So I was really excited to finally make it down to the beach where we could split our time between exploring and relaxing, soaking up the bright sun by the clear water.

We spent our first afternoon lazing around on Ao Nang with our group, we had some Changs in the ocean and watched the sun set over the water. It was a very calm afternoon and I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. The next day, we took a long-tail boat to some beaches, the first stop was Railay where the cliffs and rocks hanging over the water were absolutely beautiful! Luckily we had a big group of 7, so we were able to take the long-tails whenever we wanted instead of having to wait for other people to have a big enough group for the locals to want to take us to another location. I only took a handful of photos this day as I was swimming and didn’t want to get my Sony A7III too wet or sandy by taking it out of my bag every few minutes!

The next day, we booked a private long-tail boat to take us to Hong Island where we visited the pristine lagoon and went snorkelling on Hong Bay, it was amazing! When we first arrived to the island it was absolutely packed - there wasn’t a spare spot to swim or lay on the beach. But as the day went on, everyone started leaving on the ferries and we were left with the whole beach practically to ourselves! Luckily we had a private driver for the day so we were able to leave whenever we wanted. He took us to one last beach before heading back to Krabi which again was an unbelievable deserted island at this time in the afternoon with palm trees intertwined in the landscape of cliffs over the clear ocean.

You can watch the video of my time in Thailand below which includes behind the scenes of how I took some of the photos in this blog post. And please subscribe to my YouTube Channel if you haven’t already! I upload new photography related videos every single Wednesday.

All photos edited with my Disposable Film Lightroom Preset + Florence Lightroom Preset!

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All photos edited with my Disposable Film Lightroom Preset + Florence Lightroom Preset!