After visiting Krabi, Dan and I split off from our group of friends and decided to stay a couple of nights on Phi Phi rather than just making a day trip like they had already done. We took the ferry from Krabi to Phi Phi and when we arrived to the island, we were able to walk to our accommodation - I didn’t realise how tiny this island really was! Our time on Phi Phi was exactly what I needed to clear my mind and feel refreshed. We spent our days swimming in the ocean, we hired a kayak one day and made our way to Monkey Beach to snorkel which was really fun and went on little walks to explore the island.

On Phi Phi was the ONE time I took out my Canon 35mm f1.4 with me to take a few portraits at the beach right in front of our hotel - which are the photos in the maxi dress just down below. The rest of the trip and time I only took photos with the Sony 28mm f2.

After Phi Phi, we took the ferry to Phuket where we reunited with our friends. Phuket is such a busy city and not really what I personally prefer when travelling - I would much rather be on a quieter and calmed island such as Phi Phi or Krabi. Regardless, we spent a couple of days at the beach soaking in the sun (with lots of sunscreen!) and swimming in the almost wave-less ocean. Unfortunately on our second day in Phuket I came down with food poisoning so the rest of my time in Thailand is a bit of a blur and a bore trying to get some rest to feel better. I’m not sure what I got sick from, but at one point or another everyone from our group of 7 fell sick to something expect for 2 people - Dan and Anetta (lucky them!).

Phuket was too busy and loud for Dan and I’s taste, so we decided to move hotels further up north to a quieter part of the Phuket area called Bangtao. I was too sick to even move, so Dan was very sweet and packed up my suitcases (which everything was strewn around our hotel room lol) and with shaky legs, we got into a cab and spent the last few days hanging out at a beautiful beach where we took some of my favourite portraits of the trip with the sunset.

You can watch the video of my time in Thailand below which includes behind the scenes of how I took some of the photos in this blog post. And please subscribe to my YouTube Channel if you haven’t already! I upload new photography related videos every single Wednesday.

All photos edited with my Aspen Lightroom Preset + Florence Lightroom Preset!

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All photos edited with my Aspen Lightroom Preset + Florence Lightroom Preset!