I loved every part of North Cascades National Park. It is one of those rare places where reality is better than any of the photos you’ve ever seen of the place online. My sister and I had spent the whole day hiking in this amazing landscape, driving down the main road of the National Park, stopping for an hour or two hike, getting back in the car, stopping at viewpoints and just taking it all in. Before we knew it, we were at the furthest point in the park we could reach. Back at our starting point of my bucket list location Diablo Dam. 

We got out at Diablo Dam and I breathed in deeply through the harsh wind whipping my hair around knowing that I won’t be back here again for a very, very long time. We turned the car around and headed back to our wonderful accommodation in the middle of the mountains with the deer.

Luckily for us, the days in Washington are extremely long throughout the summer and when we got home we were welcomed by my favourite sunset of the whole trip. We quickly got changed out of our hiking clothes and went running in the long grass to take pictures and film our last day in North Cascades. It was a magical afternoon spent giggling and tripping over grass, running and just marvelling at the sights surrounding us.

As usual, we had an early wake up call the next morning. We packed the car, said goodbye to the snow capped mountains and made our way to the town of Winthrop to fill up petrol and buy some snacks. We ended up going for a little walk around Winthrop - I absolutely LOVED this town - it’s everything you’d expect to see in a movie. Cute wooden shop fronts with lovely hand painted signs, it was gorgeous. We had some ice cream and headed off on our way.

Next stop: Mt Rainier National Park.

all photos edited with my NEW Washington Lightroom Preset