It was Spring in Australia and roadtrip season was in full swing. Dan and I had spent most of our weeks going on adventures, all of which we documented and you can have a look at on The Adventure Truck blog. One afternoon Dan wanted to go to a forest, so we got dressed for pictures, packed Zeke the truck and headed off on a drive. Little did I know he was going to surprise me and actually take me to this beautiful field of yellow flowers instead. When we arrived, I screamed unable to believe my eyes - fields of flowers are hard to come by in Australia and I've never really had the chance to see one with my own eyes let alone run through them and take photos. I was in heaven.

We spent the rest of the afternoon running through the fields, taking pictures and collapsing in the grass with our eyes up in the sky gazing at the stars once the sun set. It was a magical afternoon and one I hope we can re experience this Spring again!