This is my first of 5 blog posts I’m going to be sharing from my time in Scotland and what better way to start than at the very beginning of our trip, in Edinburgh! After only 3 short weeks back at home after Thailand to catch up on work, capture a few weddings and do some photoshoots, Dan and I flew from Sydney, Australia to Gdansk, Poland. We spent about a week at Dan’s family’s place in the country catching up on jetlag, visiting the old town and as usual taking lots of photos and even filmed a video. Next up it was time to head to Scotland!

We were visiting Scotland as Dan and I were capturing a wedding while we were there. We decided to book our flights with a few extra days on either side of the wedding as Scotland is a place we both have wanted to visit for so long! Our first couple of days in Edinburgh were a whirlwind! We visited the old city, walked up to Edinburgh Castle, did a photoshoot with Tamar & Matt at the Botanical Gardens and did a photoshoot of photographer Caroline (behind the scenes for this photoshoot coming really soon!). Here are some of the pictures I captured in those first two days.

You can watch my vlog of the rest of our time in Scotland down below + it’s a sneak peek for the rest of the photo posts to come soon! Please subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already, I upload a new video every Wednesday.

This blog was put together with Narrative. I love using Narrative as part of my photoshoot culling process to see which images from a shoot I should edit and I also use it to easily & quickly be able to put together these blog posts with different layouts of images side by side. I’m really excited to say I’ve teamed up with Narrative and have a 15% discount code for you guys using the code julia15 or just clicking this link! You can download a free trial to test it out for 7 days too :)

All photos edited with my new Mountains Lightroom Preset!

All photos edited with my new Mountains Lightroom Preset!