in the springtime, dan and i set off on a frosty morning to visit the blue mountains. i spoke of feeling over worked and wanting to take more time for myself in my winter blog post and this was one of those instances. life is too short not to get out and do things that make you feel alive. it was wonderful waking up in the morning and not turning on my computer or checking my emails. i took my time getting ready, curling my hair, giving my eyes wings and picking out a dress to wear. 

without a rush or a care in the world, dan and i set off and drove with our windows down and the music loud to the mountains. we stopped at a few places throughout the day. all places i've been to before but haven't seen in years. our first and main stop of the day was at the everglade gardens. we wandered through the trees and the manicured hedges stopping to take pictures everywhere. i laid on the grass with the flowers and dan took my portrait. 

we set off again and stopped on the side of the road in the suburbs to take pictures with the cherry blossoms that were blooming throughout the town. we made a quick stop at the three sisters for a couple of cloudy photos but went to fossil rock lookout and sat on the highest rock we could find to watch the sun go down. 

adventure is something i look forward to the most. there is nothing more that i love than being in beautiful, natural places. to walk around, take pictures and just be happy being outside. until next time, blue mountains. 

all day time photos edited with lovestruck & all night time photos edited with disposable film