this week: hotel rooms

1. lunches with my sister. 2. pretty tiles i came across. 3. selfies with my new jewellery gifted to me by ruusk. 4 & 5. a pretty wedding we were photographing on a rainy day. 6. breakfast. organic yogurt with fresh berries. 7. i received my latest white magazine editorial in the mail. 8. updates from my mum who is currently overseas with her partner. this is a photo from ushuaia, argentina. 9. after a week of being sick and bed ridden, it felt nice to be warmed by the sunshine on a campaign shoot at the beach all day.

1. korean bbq with dan and my best friend sam. 2. sleepless weeks = tired me. 3. suburban sunsets after on location shoots. 4. i started going for regular runs/jogs again in this beautiful place *i have a little story about this at the end of this blog post! 5. at the white magazine hq. 6. stunning locations, my job lets me explore some of the most beautiful places i've ever seen. 7 & 8. dan and i at our hotel room. 9. delicious breakfasts before dawn for the big day ahead.

i post all these photos on my personal instagram account: julia.trotti

i also have an account where i post just my photography work (and occasionally some behind the scenes too!): juliatrotti


going back to photo number 4, i have a little story i wanted to share. i posted this on my facebook page the afternoon it happened, but i thought i'd re-share it here today: i was out for a jog this afternoon and while on my way, there was someone sitting in the distance who kept looking up every so often. as i approached them they asked “hey…. are you that photographer?”. right behind me dan was approaching and he mentioned “and you’re the videographer!”. we talked for a little bit before we went off running again, me with a big goofy smile on my face. it’s such a humbling experience when this happens. just a few weeks ago while i was going to get my car washed i gave the girl at the cash register my name and when she heard me her face sprung up and she started talking about being a fan of my work. i know it can be so daunting to go up to someone you don’t know to say hey. but i just wanted to say that i really appreciate it. it honestly and truly makes my day. thank you.