this week: smoke & mirrors

1. shooting editorials in abandoned buildings. i made a vlog from this day of shooting but i can't release it until the magazine has been released! i'm dying to share it with you all. 2. i received my copy of the latest white magazine where my latest editorial for them has been printed. i posted an outtake to flickr a while ago, you can have a look at the picture here + i'll be blogging the entire set soon. 3. testing my night portrait lights on dan at the end of a wedding we were shooting. 4. behind the scenes of the on-location lookbook + campaign i shot for totem tally, blog post coming soon ^_^ 5. selfies with dan. 6. the beautiful countryside, where the air is fresh and the cold is so icy it's comforting. we get to spend the majority of our weekends here and i am so thankful for it. it reminds me of when we were in europe.

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