i took winter as a chance to refocus my energy and reassess my priorities. after a big and busy beginning of the year, i was feeling completely overwhelmed with the amount of things i had to do. i spent too many days stressing and nights not sleeping over things that seem so unimportant now. i felt like it was time for a change so i decided to take a few weeks off, and it has made the world of a difference.

i've begun to make time to do things for myself, which means going on roadtrips to pretty places with dan, i started blogging and writing again, i've been going on my daily walks/jogs again, i planned a small trip to melbourne with my best friend and started putting together ideas for my personal photography again. i feel so much happier and even though i'm taking time away from work to do these things, i feel like i have more time than ever now.

in saying that, it's still a work in progress. running your own business is hard work. there is always an endless list of things to do, emails to reply to, meetings to go to, shoots to work on, deadlines to meet with editing pictures and a million other things. but i feel like i'm taking a step in the right direction. here is my winter in pictures.

don't forget! you can now click on most of the images in my blog post to find out what preset they were edited with :)