We checked out of our Venice Beach home in Los Angeles and said our goodbyes to Jess and Nat who were heading home that night. Now we were left with myself, Sam, Dan and Hayden - who was going to go his own way as well but last minute decided to come with us on our road trip to San Francisco. We piled into the car that morning, suitcases and bags packed to the inside roof of the car, blasted music and made our way down the highway to another city. 

On our journey there, we made a few pit stops along the way and while were driving along the extremely windy highway a giant tumbleweed flew/rolled out of nowhere and aimed straight for our car. We were all screaming as if we were in a cartoon as it hit the front of our car, rolled across the side and rolled off again into the distance. Luckily we were all fine and were able to continue driving while we were laughing saying that we had no idea that tumbleweeds would be that huge and tough. It felt and sounded like we hit into a tree rather than what we all thought was a tumbleweed - a soft ball of leaves and grass! Five hours later, we park in front of our Airbnb apartment and Dan runs out of the car to see if it made any damage. His face after a few hours of stressing and finally seeing that the tumbleweed left nothing but one stick lodged in the front of the car was priceless.

As we were heading into San Francisco we crossed the Oakland Bay Bridge where I caught my first glimpse of the city - the lights twinkling brightly moments after the sun had set. The tightly packed city lingering over the water. It was beautiful and it was a sight I would never forget.

My time in San Francisco can be summed up nothing short of wonderful. My favourite moments include waking up on my first morning to see the city covered in a thick layer of fog, the bright flowers growing in the smallest crevices and creeping along the pastel houses, feeling almost panicked at times driving through the tight roads lined with parked cars, using all my leg muscles to hike up the massive hills in the suburbs and spending the afternoon at the Golden Gate Bridge, feeling like we had it all to ourselves.

all photos edited with my new san francisco lightroom preset! photos in front of the golden gate bridge were edited with my new york lightroom preset.