the heat in l.a. was getting exhausting. day in and out of sunshine and we decided to head to the coast for some fresh air. malibu delivered everything i thought it was going to be. i loved driving on the brilliant coastal road, endless californian ocean to your left and towering mountains to your right. i won't ever forget the sight.

the first picture in this blog post is the traffic on the freeway. one second there was peak hour traffic and the next everyone was zooming past. we found out pretty quickly that you don't fit in on the road in l.a. unless you speed excessively, don't indicate, eat while you're driving and run red lights. it was my first time driving on the other side of the road but i got used to it pretty quickly! the only time i would be confused was when i walked to the car throughout the day and i would always automatically walk to the passenger seat to start driving before realising and running around the car to the correct side while giggling.

a few notes from my travels that i scribbled in my notebook sleepy eyed in bed on the night we got back to our apartment:


the sun is a hazy mess on the horizon.

ocean, mountain, desert.

powerlines and palm trees.



All photos edited with my Lovestruck Lightroom Preset!