You can read about my time in Buenos Aires in this blog post, but I wanted to dedicate an entire blog post to our morning visiting La Boca. I was blown away with how beautiful this place is, the colourful buildings, the interesting people, the history behind it all - I loved it so much! If you ever go to Buenos Aires I highly recommend that this is a must-visit place! 

My dad, his friend and I walked through the streets of La Boca and I my eyes were constantly darting around trying to take everything in. The buildings here are painted in the most bright colours you will ever see, there are so many details and figures of people hanging around the town, street artists to watch and so many cute souvenirs to look at. I got to see Caminito which is a narrow street where the Italians first immigrated. If you watch my vlogs, my dad asked one of the street performers who was playing the accordion to play a traditional Argentinian song for me! 

After La Boca, we headed to San Telmo where they have weekend markets and a beautiful plaza under the trees where you can eat and watch people dance the Tango. 

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All photos edited with my Gdansk Lightroom Preset!


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