It was soon time to say goodbye to Argentina, but not without one last stop! On our flight back home I decided to have a 24 hour layover in Mendoza so we had the chance to explore one last place before heading back to Sydney. My dad has visited pretty much everywhere there is to see in Argentina when he used to live there, but he was excited to see it again and this time with me!

We landed in Mendoza in the early hours of the morning and were picked up from the airport by the tour guide we booked in the afternoon before. We dropped off our suitcases in their office and the tour to the High Mountain was on it’s way!

Just a little side note if you’re ever in Mendoza/South America: when I called on the phone and also emailed the tour company while booking in our places, everything was done in English. Then when the tour started, the tour guide spoke in Spanish all day! This was fine for me since I can understand Spanish perfectly. But if you’re ever booking a tour in South America, be sure to double check if the actual tour is going to be in English or not just in case the same thing happens to you! 

Out first stop of the day was Lake Potrerillos which you can see in the first few photos of this blog post. We then continued our drive through the valley where we saw el Puente del Inca which is a natural arch that forms a bridge over the Vacas River. There are hot springs inside the building under the bridge which you used to be able to get to, but they closed it off years ago. Interesting story about this place - there used to be a whole village next to the bridge, until one day there was an earthquake that destroyed everything except for the bridge and a church - and they are still standing today.

After el Puente, we headed on the windiest, scariest road up a mountain I’ve ever been on in my life! When we reached the top, we were almost 4000 meters above sea level (so the altitude sickness was real!) and up here is where you can see the Christo Redentor (Christ the Redeemer of the Andes) and stand with one foot in Chile and one foot in Argentina!

That was the final stop of our tour. We stopped for a lunch and then headed back to Mendoza where my dad and I slept and woke up the next morning to hop on a plane back to Sydney! I was home in Sydney for a couple of weeks before heading off yet again this time to Dubai, Lebanon and followed by Poland! It's been a busy year this year! 

I filmed vlogs every single day while I was in Argentina, they’re all up on my YouTube Channel if you want to see!

All photos edited with my Gdansk Lightroom Preset!


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