After an emotional goodbye with Mar Del Plata, my dad and I’s next stop was Buenos Aires, Argentina! I couldn’t contain my excitement for being in this city, and I had a huge smile on my face pretty much the entire weekend we were there.

Our first stop in Buenos Aires was the renovated Puerto Madero which is a tourist centre by the water with lots of restaurants and beautiful views. We stopped to grab some lunch here. Something I noticed that I really love about Argentina is how colourful everything is. I am in love with the brightly painted buildings - yellow, pink, blue and all the murals painted on the walls. It gives the city such character and also so many things to photograph! 

My dad and I rented an amazing airbnb on the main street in Buenos Aires which had the perfect view of the Obelisco (the tall white sculpture in the heart of the city). We spent our weekend visiting so many sights: walking around the picturesque suburb of Recoleta, visiting the cemetery in La Recoleta, we made our way to the Plaza de Mayo and saw the Casa Rosada, we explored La Boca and the Parque Tres de Febrero where they have a never ending rose garden, among so many other things!

I also vlogged my entire time in Argentina which you can watch on my YouTube Channel! Next stop is Mendoza.

All photos edited with my Gdansk Lightroom Preset!