Dan and I made our way from Slane to Kilkenny one day. We were here to photograph and film a wedding for a lovely couple from Melbourne, Australia! What we though was going to be a small town similar to Slane or other towns we drove though, when we arrived in Kilkenny, it turns out to be an amazing bustling city full of life. Even though Kilkenny is a city, it is still complete with the Irish charm of flowers hanging from the pubs, old buildings, colourful doors and vines crawling on any surface it could reach.

Our first day in Kilkenny was spent at meetings and exploring the city on foot, location scouting for the wedding that was to come in a couple of days. We also decided to take the time to drive to all the locations we had to go to on the wedding day just to make sure we could find them all! In Ireland there are no street addresses, only winding directions telling you to go left at the river, over the bridge, right at the red pub and straight until you arrive at your destination. It was safe to say it was a good idea that we decided to find all the spots the day before because we ended up getting lost a couple of times. On a few occasions we ended up arriving at our โ€˜destinationโ€™ only to realise it was a strangers house, and having to get the help from locals to figure out where to go instead.

The wedding day went amazing. The rain that had been looming the day before disappeared and it was truly a hot summerโ€™s day in Ireland. Alyssa and Michael, the bride and groom, were glowing and we ended up staying at the reception until 4 in the morning. We found out the night afterward at a little get together/afterparty that some of the guests didnโ€™t end the party until 10 in the morning the next day! 

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