On our last day in Ireland, we had some free time so Dan and I were trying to decide how we should spend it. While we were flying into Ireland, we remembered seeing these amazing looking cliffs that were close to the city. After doing a little research we headed towards them to explore up close what we had seen from above a week earlier.

We ended up driving to the town of Howth, which is almost an island, connected to Ireland by two main roads. We spent the rest of the afternoon hiking up and down the cliff edges, my fingers running through the fields of purple flowers as I walked along the rocks at the top. I’m so glad we came here, it is just another little spot that feels so special to me after spending some time admiring what was around us. The water looked so blue and icy from the top and the wind was relentless, but Howth was a spectacular spot that I couldn’t recommend more to anyone who visits Dublin.

That night we headed back to the city one last time for some dinner and drinks. We had a date with the airport at 4am the next morning so we didn’t bother booking accommodation. Instead we opted to sleep in our car for a mere 3 hours that night before we had to wake up and head off. At the airport we sat down waiting to board our plane back to Gdansk, sleep deprived and sad we were leaving such a beautiful country behind. I loved Ireland so much though, that I’m sure I’ll be back in no time!

all photos edited with my Gdansk Lightroom Preset