It's no secret that I love greenhouses and glass houses, every chance I get I will visit one! Dan and I had one free day in Dublin, Ireland and while we were looking for things to do I stumbled across the Dublin Botanic Gardens and I knew I HAD to visit! The gardens themselves were beautiful, we spent the majority of our day wandering in and out of the greenhouses and marvelling at all the beautiful plants. The Botanic Gardens also didn't just have one greenhouse, but FIVE of them. So I was definitely in my dream location.

I had become interested in gardening while we were staying in Poland. Dan's aunty has the most beautiful garden in Gdansk where she grows flowers and most of the food they eat on a daily basis. When I got home I told myself that I wanted to try and do the same thing, which has slowly started happening. It's Spring in Australia now and my blueberries are ripening, my Daffodils and Lavender have bloomed and I have so many sunflower seedlings starting to sprout. Being able to wander around the Dublin Botanic Gardens was a wonderful inspiration for me and only made me want to go green when I got home so much more.

all photos edited with my Gdansk Lightroom Preset!