Dan and I had just spent 2 dreamy days road tripping through South Tyrol, exploring all the beautiful spots the Italian Alps had to offer including amazing reflection lakes at sunrise and towering mountains. Sadly it was time for us to leave though, to continue on our trip through Italy and explore our next city: Venice.

Dan and I left South Tyrol via a winding road through the mountains. We didn’t want to take the highway to Venice as we wanted to cling onto the mountains for as long as possible! And even though the drive was twice as long - so 4 hours instead of 2 - it was SO worth it. The majority of the drive to Venice was just up and down mountain roads with the most amazing views. We passed so many small and big towns built in the middle of the mountains and took so many photos along the way, it was so beautiful and a road trip I’m never going to forget.

While we had a taste for how hot it was in Italy during August while we were in Milan, the cool temperatures of the Alps made us completely forget about it all. Until we reached Venice. Once we descended the safety of high altitudes and reached the city, the temperatures quickly soared back up to 40+ degrees Celsius, yuck!

Dan and I booked a hotel just outside of Venice and caught the train into the city. We spent the rest of our afternoon and evening walking around the very busy streets and little alleyways of Venice. I had my camera glued to my hands snapping everything that caught my eye! 

If you want to see more of our time during Venice, be sure to check out my vlog! I also vlogged every day during our week in Italy, which you can see all the videos on my YouTube Channel!

Once we left Venice, we started making our way to the beautiful city of Florence - which I completely fell in love with! I can't wait to share that blog post next week!

All photos edited with my new Florence Lightroom Preset Pack!