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we woke up one morning before the sun rose and made our way in the freezing cold to the train station in london. we bought two coffees and two amazing blueberry danishes and waited to board our train to the city of love. still sleepy-eyed but filled with excitement we crossed beautiful oceans of land on the eurostar, saw countless fields of flowers and little houses sitting quaintly in the middle of nowhere.

we arrived in paris just a few hours later - i love how you can just hop on a train in europe and a few hours later you are in a completely different city. we had one day to see everything we could. it was beautiful and sunny and my camera clicked endlessly at everything i saw. 

ears popping as we ride above ground and under the sea on the eurostar.

taking photos of all the beautiful buildings with balconies covered in flowers.

the streets were still quiet in the morning.


so many people in red coats!

an ordinary starbucks decorated in a fancy building.

making our way past the louvre.

so many people on the streets had bicycles. 

painters painting.

we took a cruise down the seine river.

we watched and people waved at us as i was taking pictures of them. we almost saw a girl fall into the river as she started sliding down the stone ramp.

green trees, green boats, green water.

 i finally got to see the carousel i have wanted to see since i was sixteen years old.

saying i was a little excited to see the carousel is a bit of an understatement!

we spent the rest of the day walking around the city.

dan taking pictures of people selling key chains on the street.

map reading.

one last look at the eiffel tower.

a big messy round-a-bout and a pack of cyclists.

the gorgeous gardens close to the louvre. 

taking a little break after walking around all day.

exploring the outside of the louvre.

taking pictures of strangers on the way back to the train station.

balcony conversations.

the last picture i took before falling asleep on the train ride home with my camera still sitting soundly around my neck.


london part i  //  london part ii  //  campaign  //  paris  //  poland