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flying over l.a.

i know you have all been patiently waiting to hear about my adventures overseas and today i've finally finished putting everything together. there is so much to say and so much to show and i didn't want to miss out on a single second. i decided to split the blog posts into five different posts which will be published over the next few weeks! so on with the story..

a few weeks ago i was flown to london to shoot a campaign (which i will reveal everything about soon) and our stay there was amazing. dan and i were in london for two weeks and after a day there it already felt like home. we woke up early, some days even before the sun rose, and walked around the city until we felt like collapsing. my camera was home around my neck from the moment i was out the door and i hardly ever put it down for a second.

the flight over was long but i was filled with excitement and butterflies as the big aeroplanes took off leaving tiny cities behind and landed in different countries, slowly getting closer and closer to london. when we arrived dan and i were eager to explore the city and took a walk around. the first day we were there was the only day we were lost, but i didn't mind one bit walking down streets i didn't know and not knowing where to go next. 

the days afterwards were a beautiful mess. we spent every second in between model castings, location scouting and meetings getting to know london and taking pictures of everything we saw. the city was blooming and there were busy people everywhere. we rode in taxis forcing our eyes shut whenever they u-turned on a busy street or squeezed in between too-tight places with cars, buses or people on either side of the taxi, we walked down long flights of stairs to watch live music in venues underground, we flicked through boxes and boxes of records in soho and had dinner at different pubs every night. 

london won over my heart and i hope to be back there again soon, and again soon after that. i could spend forever wandering the streets and living the way we did for two weeks. 

 lost on the streets on our first day in london and dan trying to figure out which way to go.

 the end of baker street, close to where we were staying.

the entire city was blooming.

 coffees in pretty cafe's before location scouting.

one of the streets of a location we were shooting at.

the cat of the house we were shooting the campaign.

more gorgeous locations scouted in the suburbs, filled to the brim with hand-made love and kick-knacks.

the pretty balcony of our hotel room overlooking the streets. the sun would shine on us early in the morning while we were drinking coffee. 

back in the city, walking around after a model casting in knightsbridge.

spending the afternoon in museums.

 getting excited for my picture with the dinosaur.

 dinosaurs are the best.

a band busking on the streets.

in a live butterfly museum, where i never knew i was scared of butterflies.


 busy oxford street.

walking around the streets of soho.

 catching the tube.

spring-time shoots in the sun. i was lucky to meet ailera stone who was lovely and put together this little shoot for us! i'll be blogging all the photos from this day soon..

the evening before we left for paris, dan and i decided to go to london eye & see the big ben.

the view of the city from the top of the london eye.

big ben.

dan and i spent our last day in london sitting in hyde park under the shade of the trees.


london part i  //  london part ii  //  campaign  //  paris  //  poland