couple in a bookshop in newtown yesterday afternoon.

my holidays are almost over and i have lots of things i need to do. i wrote a massive to-do list in my journal this morning and have slowly been crossing things off as the day goes on. if anyone knows me just a little bit, you would know that i am a massive failed attempt at cooking. well today dan helped me cook french toast over the phone (i really am a little bit pathetic when it comes to an over or stove) and managed to make myself some lunch! im was getting a little sick of just eating noodles all the time, so i thought it was time to step out of my comfort zone and try something different.

i did that a couple of weeks ago as well when i made chicken stir fry which was so so yummy. i think i need to cook more, because as i've proved a small amount of times, i can actually do it!

anyway, i think that's enough of my procrastinating for now. for the rest of today, i'll be retouching some promo band photos, some more wedding photos for a client, and hopefully i will have a wedding blog post up soon, i have some live photos to edit and post up to a bunch of places and a film to start working on! im working on a blog post on how shooting a wedding works, because its something that i'd like to share with you all. is there anything that you guys would be particularly interested in me writing about?