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culture mag: flights of fancy

model: suzi leenaards

hair & makeup: lidija j

designer: lynn to

designer assistant: tanya pham

i'm so excited to finally be able to release this editorial i've been hiding away for months and months. i am even more super excited that it got printed in culture magazine! it's always so lovely to see your photos printed, they have such a different feel to them. now my next aim is to shoot an editorial for russh or oyster! you can also get one of these photos as a lovely wallpaper that culture made to decorate your computer,





indie rose

late last year i shot age of intimacy's lovely collection for twenty-eleven, indie rose. the day begun in tears with a misunderstand between me and a uni teacher. i emailed them the day before asking to do my presentation of my progress in class first so i can leave early to get to a job i had booked for later that morning. long story short, she must have missed my email and told me to choose between "my studies and my career". obviously i chose what i love, my career, and headed off with a cloudy head.

i got to the location just before noon, where hair and makeup was being finished up. we were shooting in an upstairs vintage bar in the city, with nude paintings hung in golden ornate frames on every inch of the brindle walls. after a couple of hours of shooting the first few pieces of the location, we changed coraline's hair and headed off to the next location; the middle of nowhere.

holding a broken old suitcase, coraline walked down the side of the road as i filmed her. the afternoon sun warmed our goosebump skin as we shot the next few pieces of the indie rose collection in the prickly grass. poor coraline had to endure cars driving back and forth beeping at us as we were working. when i scouted the location a few weeks earlier, it was completely deserted. today, it was the busiest it must have ever been.

as the sun dimmed, we all got in the car and roadtripped back to the city. i filmed the blurry lights and black trees and when i watch the video i want to melt back into the day and do it all over again. we got back to dear old sydney and parked next to hyde park, our last location for the day. we all sipped on hot chocolate on a bench at the park trying to warm up, it was pitch black and cold by now, our skin and my pictures lit up by tungsten artificial sun.

we shot the last few photos and i rode back home in tired-bliss thinking about the long day. before i went to bed i got an email from my teacher stating that she finally found and read the email i sent and apologised for everything. ha.

but anyway, that's my little story of this big day. i hope you enjoy the collection photos. you should check out age of intimacy's website


, they are so so amazing! oh, and please click the little blue facebook link in the corner if you like this post to share the photos with the world!