other photographer, shoot planner:

mathew sacco

@ www.evokeimages.com.au

(check out his side of the shoot on his blog:




erica east

hair & makeup:

abbey love

@ www.abbeylove.com.au


tina tran


sheree gaulke

@ www.shedesigns.com.au


frolic wollongong

@ www.frolicgirls.com.au

behind the scenes film/photography:

lucy jean

i couldn't have asked to be part of a more wonderful shoot, everyone was just working their talented magic from the (very) early morning to late afternoon! the location sheree so kindly let us use for the shoot (her home!) was breathtaking - she had white wooden floorboards and black walls, mirrors and chandeliers hanging in every room, old rusty doors that lead to no where stacked by the kitchen, and pretty little in betweens on the random surfaces around the living room. 

and mathew sacco, who once again i am ecstatic i get to work beside and who put this entire day together was absolutely amazing. he has a few pictures up on his blog already (which i loooooove) and i can't wait to see the rest!! so keep an eye out :)

lots more blogging to come soon!