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rain-clouds on the cliffedge

we spent an afternoon being taunted by heavy rain clouds as we shot with pretty swimsuits on the edge of a cliff overlooking the ocean. the wind whipped megan's hair around and her skin crawled with goosebumps but she was absolutely amazing regardless of anything. keep an eye on my

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for some behind the scenes from today!

model: megan emmett

hair + makeup: lisa fahey @ tussta hair

swimsuits: molly and polly

film: dan @ i make films


london part ii - kew gardens


london part ii - kew gardens

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the days of rain we had in london were few and far between. today was a little different. we woke up to a cloudy windowsill, the air was cold and sharp down my throat as we walked towards the bus stop. the streets were busier than ever today as we decided to explore kew gardens. we jumped on a double decker bus and rode far away, out into the suburbs. the houses in kew were big and beautiful. they were decorated with manicured gardens, all pretty and perfect.

for as long as i can remember i have always wanted to visit kew gardens. it has been my dream to see their giant greenhouse in real life and take some pictures of it. we don't have anything that looks like this in australia, and just as i imagined the whole day was dream-like and beautiful. it rained but we didn't care, the sun still came out on occasion to warm our frozen skin. here is our day in pictures.

busy baker street.

we thought the bus wouldn't fit in the tunnel.

arriving at kew gardens, it felt like a dream.

inside the greenhouse. it was hot like an australian summer inside and the glass of my lens fogged up.

the pretty plants inside the second greenhouse.

we kept tripping over while trying to take a picture.

dan distracted by a squirrel running around in the trees. it's the first time we've ever seen a real squirrel! 

basking in the warm sunshine.

dan made a friend.

juice breaks as clouds started to roll over and cover every inch of the sky.

exploring the last greenhouse (while taking shelter away from the rain) that had 7 different environments. every room you walked into felt like you were walking into a different country in a different season of the year.

the rain finally stopped while we were inside the last greenhouse and i was finally able to get some pictures with the pink cherry blossoms.

swans are my favourite.

the sun came out again, the most beautiful way to end a perfect day.

 i can't wait to visit you again kew gardens!

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the sun in my bones


the sun in my bones

 i went to the park and took some self portraits the other day in the warm sun. my hair is longer now than it has ever been before and i think it's finally time to cut it. 

the jumper and black top im wearing were a present from wildfox couture and the leotard from black milk 


also, the first three photos in this set have been edited with my new preset lovestruck & the last photo in this set edited with wild bird.