in january, your clothes stick to your skin and cracks form in the pavement from the hot sun and balmy nights. to escape the temperature and make the most of the crystal clear days we've been experiencing, dan and i went on a road trip to a beach known for its white sand and turquoise waters, jervis bay. we arrived after a long drive and walked down the forest track to the beach. it was so windy the sand was whipping and stinging our legs. we put our things down and were about to get into the water when a couple of people came up to us to point out a shadow in the water that was swimming back and forth to the shore, which turned out to be a shark! safe to say we didn't end up swimming there.  

instead, we set off to find another beach (there are so many stunning beaches in the area), and came across this beautifully secluded pocket in the jervis bay area. we dipped in the water for a couple of hours in the setting sun. when our fingers were wrinkled, we got out of the ocean and sat on the beach watching the clear waves crash on the white sand. we stayed there until we were the only ones left on the beach. family after couple after person arrived and left until we were alone.

on our drive home, we stopped to let a wild echidna cross the road and then watched the bats migrate north at dusk.