this week: sydney beaches

1. a flock of seagulls flying over while we were shooting a campaign for 3inch fashion. 2. behind the scenes of dan filming megan. 3. a lady sitting next to us. i snapped this photo while lidija was doing megan's makeup, the lady was drawing everyone she saw on the beach and writing little paragraphs. maybe she made up a story for each stranger she saw, i never asked but i thought i'd take a picture of the watcher. 4. picking up seashells in between photos. 5. my beautiful, ever changing office for one of the days this week. 6. in the studio photographing sian for the 3inch fashion lookbook. 7. beautiful jewellery from mallow & thyme finding their way in the mail to me.


sometimes i dream of living in europe. in a little wooden cabin lost somewhere in the tall forest of pine trees. life would be simple. we'd watch the snow fall through the window in the winter and the wild deer run through in the spring. weeks like this though remind me how beautiful sydney is and today i am happy living here and being able to call these endless cliffs and angry oceans my home. my week started off in the countryside, where i wandered with my clients through the fields in the rain and fog filming and taking pictures. after a quiet start, everything changed pace when i spent two days shooting in busy sydney for 3inch fashion. we spent one day photographing their lookbook in the studio and the second day on location for the campaign. i was shooting with megan as i have many times before. every time i shoot with her it reminds me why i love what i do so much, everything is fun and free, so much movement and nothing feels like work. we just have fun taking pictures.

the rest of my week was spent at christmas parties with fellow photographers, doing some christmas shopping and catching up on what feels like a million and one things to edit. oh, not to mention i planned a few last minute shoots that will be simple but beautiful. i am itching to shoot a few personal projects before the end of the year so i thought now is a good time as any!