my eyes wrinkled around the edges as i looked across the field. when we played baseball together we didn't have to think or keep score, we just threw the ball and caught it with a big thud in the palm of our hands. i could feel beads of sweat dripping down my neck as we played on the dry grass under the scorching sun, we couldn't take it anymore.

we headed to the local swimming pool. the rusted fence rattled and trembled under our weight as we climbed over, metal crashing against metal and puffs of dirt flying up as our shoes hit the ground when we jumped from the top. we always came here to cool off after a game and i would always search for her. i was mesmerised by her smile, her carelessness, her summer hair. she told us legends never die.



chloe @ vivien's

mackenzie @ priscilla's

james @ london mgt


stylist & creative direction  jessie mcnaught

inspired by  the sandlot

makeup   lidija j

film  dan @ i make films