After spending our first week in Hawaii on Oahu taking photos for @fullyrawkristina, it was time to start our island hopping adventures. Landing in Kauai after such a short flight - the airplane spent more time taking off and landing than it did in the air - I immediately felt inspired by this island. 

I was only in Hawaii a few months ago with Dan where we visited the Big Island and Kauai reminded me so much of there. It was vastly untouched and so lush with forests, trees and green mountains. On just our drive from the airport to the resort, I was in love with the island already.

Kristina and I spent our days road tripping to different locations around Kauai, chasing sunsets and jumping into the ocean with our clothes on under the stars on our last day here. We visited Waimea Canyon (which all the locals say is better than the Grand Canyon on the mainland!), did some hikes down mountains to Secret Beaches and visited SO so many beaches on every corner of the island. 

I spent every day vlogging my time in Hawaii! You can see them on my YouTube channel or I’ve also inserted them throughout this blog post!

I have one more post coming from Hawaii - so stay tuned for next Tuesday! 


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