i am a flower leaning towards the hurricane that is you. 


this was a magical afternoon spent photographing and filming with wonderful friends. we had shot with ivy once before, and we all decided we had to shoot again before she left australia for her next adventure. and so one morning we left home without too much of a plan. we all met up and drove around, passing trees and mountains and empty roads, all leading to a beautiful, desolate beach. 

the wind was harsh and the air was filled with a thick mist of salt, making your eyes water and your skin dry. you could see it in the distance everywhere you looked; white puffs leaving the ocean and drifting towards the mountain. 

we stayed here and photographed for the rest of the afternoon. it was cold but while we photographed you could almost forget everything around you. the sun shone warm for a few seconds here and there, peeking out from behind the clouds before quickly nestling for day behind the mountains. this is when we shot probably some of my favourite photos ever. a splash of red in an ocean of never-ending blue. 


model  ivy matheson @ vivien's & next canada

makeup  lidija j

film  dan @ i make films