in the new year, i was sent by the au review to shoot pyramid rock festival in phillip island, melbourne. the day after we got to melbourne & our ten hour drive, we woke up early and set off for another two hours to phillip island. the day was hot and the roads were long, but we listened to music loudly in the car, put together snacks and drinks for the festival and drank way too much coffee until we finally got there.

we drove through the grounds, passing hundreds of tents and roaming teenagers already drunk at one in the afternoon and got around to the back where we were lucky enough to have vip camping by the sea. i picked up my photo pass and dan and i went off in the heat to watch some music. 

at night, the air was polar and we would crawl back to the car and sit in complete happy-tiredness. the bands would sit in groups outside and play soft music, talk into the early mornings and it felt like i was in the movie almost famous. i felt at home. constant music in the background somewhere and anywhere, sun in the middle of nowhere and taking photos.

french horn rebellion, they were like monkeys running up on stage - completely awesome!


masculine spiderbait crowd haha

the vasco error

the herd

view from our camping ground

dan and i. i loooved the grass at the island, which seems like a silly thing to say, but it was some nice grass.

guy on a wheelchair being held up to the sky in the middle of the mosh pit


photographer taking photos of the crowd


gotee, goti-yeah, gote-yer

cloud control

the living end headlined the first day, they were probably my favourite act of the whole two days. they are absolutely amazing live.

second day of the festival:

calling all cars

grace woodroofe, who thought everyone who was at the festival lived on the island.

illy, they had the most energetic and crazy crowd

peeking over the fence from the vip bar

the getaway plan

graveyard train. i totally recommend listening to these guys!


taking a break in the middle of the heatwave day

boy and bear

the panics


last but not least, scissor sisters who played through midnight and welcomed us into the new year.

you can see


 the edited photos i took on the day on the au review website:

day one.

day two.