the australian coastline is one of my favourite places to be. i have always loved our beautiful beaches, rolling meadows and cliffs with angry waves. in new south wales, dan and i spend most of our time exploring the coast, so while sam and i were visiting melbourne, the great ocean road was something we had to do. 

we woke up before the sunrise and walked through the tired-eyed city to get breakfast before heading off on our long drive. the great ocean road is an amazing drive through winding mountains, with roads lining the sea and dwelling through canopies of trees. we stopped at more lookouts and beaches than we could count, walked through one of the oldest forests in victoria, lost our breath while climbing up steep staircases on the side of cliffs, were almost swallowed by the sea while taking pictures on the rocks near the 12 apostles and took a helicopter ride (my first!) to see the amazing view.

this was my second time on the great ocean road, and it's something i would probably do every time i go to visit victoria. there's just something about that place that i love. maybe it's that you get to roadtrip and be constantly surrounded by beautiful landscapes, that the view is ever changing and ever beautiful, when you stop at the top of a mountain and look out you are lost for a minute while taking it all in. maybe it's because every time you go back it will all be a little bit different, or maybe it's just a magical place for me. 

either way, these are my photos from our roadtrip through the great ocean road to the 12 apostles.


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