This week I asked my friend Chevelle if she would like to take some photos with me. I last shot with Chevelle in 2015 - 3 years ago! This time I wanted to keep the shoot as simple as possible - just taking some portraits of my friend at the beach. So I only brought my camera + 1 lens (no camera bag) and I had a spare battery in the car just in case. I asked if she could do some really simple/light makeup on herself and asked her to bring a flowy dress. We ended up taking photos for about an hour at the beach in the afternoon and I just keep finding time and time again, that sometimes the most simple shoots are the most magical.

Camera Equipment
Body  Canon 5d mkiii
Lens  Canon 35mm f1.4L

Photos edited with my Eden Lightroom Preset and my Disposable Film Lightroom Preset.

Watch the behind the scenes video of our afternoon shoot below! And please subscribe to my channel, I release 2 new videos a week - Wednesday and Saturday (Australian days)!


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