it's december and this year has flown by quickly. i'm not sure where to begin with recounting it all, it was a big one for sure. somewhere between lulling sleeps on noisy airplanes, walking through the rain in the sweltering heat and spending quiet moments reminiscing and enjoying the little nothings, i feel like i found myself somewhere along the way. i guess i'll start right at the beginning.

the year started slow. by january i felt overworked and tired & photography had lost it's magic. colours were dull and i had no interest in documenting or creating. i'm still not sure if it was just a random lull in creativity or if something had really gotten under my skin but i am so thankful for my first shoot of the year early february that pulled me right out the water, and i gasped and kicked around feeling so lucky to be breathing again. this is when i met the wonderful lisa fahey and megan emmett. we explored the hills on the beachside and shot in between mountains and crashing waves while the sun turned to honey. it was just what i needed. it reminded me that photography didn't need to be complicated or hard. it was whatever you let it be.

by march, something amazing was brewing and my positivity was having a lovely effect on the world around me. i booked a job to shoot a campaign in london. it was april when dan and i were on a plane photographing clouds and l.a. from above. after more than twenty hours of traveling, we landed in london and began our running around. we spent two amazing weeks there and we instantly fell in love with the place and are always longing to go back. 

when we arrived back home, we had more motivation and energy than ever. i was shooting non-stop & dan created i make films and officially started filming alongside me. it's been so lovely to have him by my side this year, when we are together i feel like we can achieve anything. we also launched swoon weddings, which has been growing and slowly blossoming. all our shoots seem to seamlessly flow and we've become in tune with weaving in and around one another without taking our eyes away from the viewfinder.

on top of it all, we have also become very close friends with some of the most amazing people ever through all our shoots and little get together's in between. the friends i made this year are people i will never forget and feel so blessed to have met. 

i think it's important after a whole year of hard work, long nights, early mornings, long drives, beautiful sunsets, lovely conversations and probably way too much coffee to just sit back and appreciate everything you've done. this has been my favourite year ever. i've achieved more than i ever thought would be possible and i still feel so much energy and fire burning within me. 2013 was beautiful, and i can't wait to see what adventures next year brings. i already have plans for big shoots and places i'd love to visit. it's all going to happen.


these are some of my favourite moments and photos from this year: