i thought i'd take the time to write a little blog post of all the photos i took that i never got a chance to post, as well as the in-between photos that i take in daily life and let you all know what i've been up to these past couple of months. life has been a sweeping adventure so far this year. sometimes i will sit and think about everything and sometimes i will be firing the shutter, one photo after another and nothing else exists. some of these were taken with my camera and others with my iphone.

driving through the bushfire trees of autumn. roadtrips to nowhere.

hanging out with the boys from scarlet chase.

working with my talented team again for black milk clothing.

i went on a massive roadtrip long ago with the band say it forever. we were running through rivers with our clothes on, and had a watergun fight as the day was ending. after a two hour drive back home, this is half of the band curled up on my driveway.

taking photos in a park with overgrown grass of my lovely friend katie and her lover austin.

dan and i on a drive for no reason.

we dropped off friends at the airport during the week. this year my best friend moved to live in adelaide.

soft acoustic music being played at a wedding i documented with ashley.

more empty stretches of road, it's sort of calming after spending a whole day surrounded by people - to have your hair thrown around by the wind, watching the sun turn black and listen to soft music loudly.

i shot some beautiful weddings far and near; in sydney, berry, wollongong, mittagong.

i had coffee with my sister and family in wollongong. dan was driving us home and i was sleepily taking pictures in the passenger seat.

more rehearsals and staying up til 5am. dreaming of our tour around america, always driving, playing music, taking photos, meeting all of you.

dan and i going to watch live music in the city.

an editorial and lookbook i shot with a cute puppy.

last but not least i wanted to share with you some beautiful behind the scenes film photos oh deer boutique snapped at our last shoot:

 i hope you've all been wonderful. i told myself that i need to take my camera with me everywhere i go, and that's exactly what i've been trying to do. if you don't mind, i may make a few more blog posts like this - of just life and the little things that happen here and there.

also, one more thing. i've been so busy lately shooting and editing and going to meetings that i haven't had a chance to do free curve friday for a while - and i'm sorry! someone on formspring a while ago gave me a lovely suggestion though, to make a curve that looks like a fairytale, soft and pretty. so instead, for the next few weeks i will be releasing a series of fairytale curves, starting with alice in wonderland:

you can download the free curve "alice in wonderland" here. instructions on how to install your curves can be found here.

this curve works best on photos shot on an overcast day, or photos with lots of shadows. it adds a lovely purple tone like the caterpillar's smoke 'who r u...?'.

hopefully this little surprise + a few more will make up for my silence :)