to sum it up short and sweet: this folk festival was amazing.

day one. 

i walked into the festival by myself. i explored the massive grounds and started taking pictures of strangers. there was anyone you could imagine; teenage girls with flowers in their hair, hippy adults wearing rainbow clothing, musicians walking around with piles of instruments, dreadlocked hair and screaming children. there was also music wherever i went, it never stopped playing.

while i was shooting, a blue-eyed man tapped me on the shoulder and introduced himself as the woohoo revue's band manager, dan. he let me know that their band was playing on the main stage later that night and asked me nicely if i could take photos of them. i eventually also bumped into my high school music teacher and her nephew and the three of us walked around looking at all the little markets and tents propped up selling scented candles and free-spirited clothes.

after hours of sitting and walking around, watching people dance and sing, we headed off to the main stage to watch the woohoo revue perform. the tent was packed with dancing youth, as their gypsy music filled up the night, they were amazing. after the show we hung out til the early hours of the morning, sharing stories of road trips, music and everything in between. even though the stage music ended, musicians and punters alike formed little circles and jammed on their ukeleles, acoustic guitars and harmonicas in the late night.

day two. 

everyone camped in the torrential rain while i was cosy in bed. i got back to the festival and the entire ground was muddy and filled with puddles. today was the day my favourite shooting-boots were destroyed! it didn't stop anyone though, the soft acoustic music kept playing loud, strangers danced barefoot in the mud. everything i saw was a picture waiting to happen. 

accordions for sale.

the tantric turtle cafe, oh so lovelily decorated.


i asked this man to spin around for me in the rain so i could take photos with his wonderful jacket.

a lovely three piece group that filled the room up with soft music.

the woohoo revue.

morning mud.

living room under the sun.

the bearded gypsy band - another of my favourites who played at the festival.

my new friends, hungover.

smiling youth and muddy feet.

leaving town.

sleepy-eyed spiderman.

a marching band marching through the entire festival.

the woohoo revue playing on the second day.