at the beginning of last year i was commissioned to create a series of three book covers for christopher pike and was completely ecstatic about it. i've blogged the photos of the book covers before but if you can't remember just search for "the last vampire by christopher pike" and the lovely connie will come up :)

after the three book covers, i was asked to create two more with a different character. i found the amazing lexi who i thought was perfect for it (and she was) and we created the above photo for the latest last vampire book. the picture above is my personally-retouched version, and below is the further edited photo for the actual cover according to their specifications. another book is still to come but i can't say what picture is on the cover yet!

it is really great when someone buys one of my photos from my portfolio to be the cover of a novel, but it is even more amazing and fun for me to be given an outline and to need to create an image or a series of images to be the cover of some really awesome books!