dan and i got home from london, greeted with a warm winter in australia. we jumped straight back into life. i shot a wedding a few days after getting back home, and it has all been as busy as ever since. winter was a time of staying up late and waking up early. here are a collection of pictures of the things i got up to.

my friends and i stayed in a little country house in the middle of nowhere.

making fires to stay warm.

trying to pat the cows.

the fire keeper.

our little fire turned big and warm.

staying up to see the thousands of stars blanketing the sky.

waking up before dawn.

a kangaroo in our backyard.

exploring with nat.

the night in the river.

last breakfast on the sunny porch before going home.

dan and i went driving when the night was covered in thick fog.

behind the scenes of our

rain-clouds on the cliffedge

editorial. this is lisa doing megan's makeup.

walking back over the huge hills at the end of our shoot.

jessie mcnaught hosted an amazing fashion event where our

atomic neon

photos were on display everywhere.

madeline opening the fashion show.

the talented bridgette may live drawing an image of mine during the night.

afterwards, we all went to hang out in this lovely outdoor bar for the rest of the night.

my job takes me to beautiful places.

we went to watch some live music.

behind the scenes of our 

bad santa editorial


chereine working her makeup magic on madeline.

my glitter-covered lens after shooting (i'm still finding glitter on the camera weeks later!)

location scouting with dan.

the clouds in the dirt.

i received a lovely surprise in the mail from kiara rose; she made some prints of a shoot we had together!

spending some days sick in bed.

more location scouting with dan on cold afternoons.

one of the things i am most excited about that happened in the winter-time, is that dan and i released a brand new website - Swoon Weddings - where we film & photograph people in love. you can see a whole new set of pictures & short films on our website here:


and it would mean the world to me if you could go through and like our slowly growing

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