I’m so excited to share this photoshoot I did with three beautiful sisters: Jazmin, Monica and Eve. I photographed all these photos with natural light on my Canon 5D mkiv + 50mm f1.2 lens and edited all the photos with my Aspen Lightroom Preset as I wanted to keep the photos looking natural with vibrant colours. Watch the behind the scenes of our photoshoot in the video below! And please subscribe to my YouTube Channel if you haven’t already, I upload a new photography related video every single Wednesday!

This blog was put together with Narrative. I love using Narrative as part of my photoshoot culling process to see which images from a shoot I should edit and I also use it to easily & quickly be able to put together these blog posts with different layouts of images side by side. I’m really excited to say I’ve teamed up with Narrative and have a 15% discount code for you guys using the code julia15 or just clicking this link! You can download a free trial to test it out for 7 days too :)

All photos edited with my Aspen Lightroom Preset!