In today’s video we compared a full frame camera, the Canon 5D mkiv to a crop frame camera, the Canon 7D mkii to see what the differences and similarities are. I had the Canon 35mm f1.4 on both cameras to start off with and we did a few different comparisons.

First up, I wanted to show the focal length difference on a crop frame to a full frame camera. I asked Mahalia to stand in one spot and I shot a closeup portrait on the crop frame first, then stood in the same spot to capture a shot on the full frame. We did the same thing again with a full body shot as well. I just wanted to mention that I accidentally had my aperture set to f2 for the full frame camera I’m so sorry! So please disregard what the bokeh looks like in these first 2 comparisons, we’re solely looking at a the crop ratio of full to crop frame. The 7D mkii has a crop ratio of 1.6x compared to the full frame.

Next we took a few different portraits with myself moving around to fill the frame and get both cameras to look as similar as possible. Here we can see a few differences in the bokeh, the way light is rendered in the image, distortion, vignetting, dynamic range etc.

Finally, I kept the 35mm f1.4 lens on the full frame body and put the Sigma 24mm f1.4 lens on the crop frame to shoot a few pictures standing in one spot to see if the 24mm can capture a similar look to the 35mm on full frame. I talk about all my opinions and go into more detail of all the tests we conducted in the video which you can watch down below!

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All photos edited with my Florence Lightroom Preset!

All photos edited with my Florence Lightroom Preset!


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