i hardly ever post personal things to my blog. this is something i really want to change this year. i want to share with you my thoughts, things as meaningless as tea at midnight to the photos and stories from my roadtrips around the countryside. these pictures might not be much, but i need to start somewhere! i hope you like these small nothing pictures for now. i've been taking photos every day so my next blog post will include even more. if there is anything you'd like me to blog about in particular, please let me know! 

this bench belongs to the backyard of my second home by the mountain side and the shoreline in wollongong. my mum and her partner live here with my sister and his son.

this is the view now just outside my old room. the edge of the forest used to be lined with beautiful and lush bamboo trees before the awful council came around and chopped them all down. now my view is dead trees.

pile of bamboo.

dan came to visit me while i was staying in wollongong for a few weeks at the end of the year. 

we saw a mini carnival being set up on the way home from visiting my dad's so we stopped to have a look. last time we went to a carnival we ate too much fairy floss and felt sick after going on the same upside-down ride five times in a row. we had the best time. this time the carnival had a few 'try your luck' games and a ghost train, so we ended up standing by the river for a few seconds before heading off.

we stopped and sat in the car until it went dark, waiting for our table for mexican food. it's becoming my new favourite thing to take photos when it's almost dark. 

my younger sister learning how to drive.

too windy to take photos.

the beautiful roads my mum, sister and i explored one afternoon. 

me by the river, taken by my sister.

soundtrack when driving with dan.

 two pictures of me in the front yard, taken by dan on australia day.

lunch dates with dan and realising i need to take more photos of us together.

morning light through the window.

the first photo i took with my 35mm. the day before i was going to shoot a wedding i had my mind made up that there was nothing else that i wanted more but to get a 35mm lens that day. i called up countless of places until i found a camera store that had just one left in stock. dan and i drove into the city just before the store closed and it is now happily part of my little family.

stray cats around the city streets breaking my heart.

my first self portrait in a long time. it was a gloomy day outside, it had been raining non stop for two days by then and my shoot was cancelled. so i thought i should take some pictures against a blank wall.

 our cat, dean (named after supernatural), the attention seeker.