i’ve always been a lover of the ugly pretty. i don’t mind shooting in harsh sunlight or when my model is looking the other way or has a tangled mess of hair on her face. my camera clicks when someone takes a deep breath in or are tying their shoelaces on the side of the road. this year i want to shoot that more than ever. i want to shoot knees with bruises and hands rubbing tired eyes with dirt underneath plain fingernails. i want to run around barefoot in the forest with the wild bird i am taking pictures of in the few minutes of blue light after the sun sets and before the night sets in. i want to shoot designer clothing in the ocean and climb trees in dresses. 

so i would like to start. this is me. dan took some pictures of me in the blue light after the sun sets and the night sets in, in our front yard. this is me with bruises on my arms from listening to live music and bruises on my legs from being clumsy. my messy hair on my nape, barefoot and sitting in the grass. i hope this year is the start of something different - something more natural and more honest.

i want to breathe life into my photography like it breathes life into me.