not too long ago i had a wonderful day with 6 talented and down to earth photographers. we decided to all meet up, just so we could spend the day talking and taking pictures. 

this is a group shot taken by christian at the end of the day. from left to right we have: alexandra benetel, kiara rose, asher lilly, myself, caitlin worthington, jessica christie & christian benetel.

it was so lovely to be able to meet all these talented people. we had such a fun time taking photos of each other (which at times was quite daunting when out of nowhere there are six cameras pointing at you rather than just the one you had to begin with!) while climbing trees, walking across giant rocks, laying down in the middle of the road just as photographers do to get a good picture.

this day was so inspiring and i would love to go back at the first chance i get to photograph with all these guys again <3>

here is a little video of bits and pieces that i filmed on the day: